You Can Hack Your Fitbit To Pause Netflix If You Fall Asleep And Here’s How To Do It

Chances are you’ve fallen asleep watching Netflix late at night and spilled ramen noodles all over the place. You wake up, missed the rest of the movie, ramen is all over, and that Fitbit wristband thing is telling you that you need to go to the gym because WHY WERE YOU EATING RAMEN?! Well, instead of working out, Fitbit can now be hacked to pause your Netflix when you fall asleep.

This gives me more of a reason to buy one of these things. It feels like the technological equivalent of Gatorade, though. You’ll see people use it, but not in the way it was meant to. Like someone downing an entire Little Caesars pizza and chugging a Gatorade. A new Mitch Hedberg joke for the 2010’s? The machines just want us all to wear Fitbit’s to know when we’ve fallen asleep. That’s when they’ll come for us.

My God, you guys. Terminator 2 is came out in 1991. We’re so old!

Via Tech Crunch, YouTube