A Woman’s FitBit May Be The Crucial Witness In Her Murder

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Fitness trackers are, quite possibly, the only wearable technology that’s really caught on. But, like the Amazon Echo, they might soon become more popular if you’re worried about being killed: FitBit data led to an arrest in a Connecticut murder case.

The New Haven Register reports that Fitbit data is part of the basis for a warrant against Richard Dabate, who had claimed a masked intruder broke into their home, shot his wife Connie, and restrained him before he managed to drive the man away with a torch. Dabate’s story is contradicted by the fact that his wife’s Fitbit logged movement data after her supposed time of death.

There are other reasons to suspect Dabate. He had a pregnant girlfriend at the time of the murder, who he’d been telling that his divorce was just about final. In addition, Dabate’s wife was shot with a .357 Magnum that he had recently purchased, and the scene he described was vastly different, and more clean, than the chaos he’d detailed. The Fitbit data would seem to indicate either the reported time is wrong or that Dabate moved the body after the shooting. The main question now is whether the evidence is enough to convict Dabate, and what’ll happen to the couple’s two sons, aged 9 and 6.

(Via The New Haven Register)

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