These Food Delivery Apps Will Satisfy Any Craving

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Cooking is one of life’s great pleasures. The slice of the knife through vegetables, the sizzle of a piece of meat searing in a hot pan, the rich smell of spices as you season your food to perfection. But even the best home chef needs a day off once in a while, and food delivery apps open the door to a wide variety of foods from across the world. But which is best, for which purpose?

For High-End Splurging: Caviar

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Run by merchant card company Square, Caviar is all about getting access to the fancier restaurants in your area. You can either put down an order for pickup, or, of course, order it for delivery. However, being as the order will come from some of the higher-end restaurants in your delivery area, it’s not going to be cheap. Caviar has a delivery fee of up to $9, depending on how far away you are from the restaurant, and tacks on an 18% service fee. But once in a while? It’s perfection.

For Junk Food: UBER Eats

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Sometimes, you just want a Big Mac. But, until recently, you were stuck hitting the drive-thru on the way home from work if you had a Mac attack. UBER Eats, Uber’s attempt to compete with your local pizzeria, has a lot of overlap with other delivery services on local restaurants, but where it stands out is in the delivery of junk food, both from national purveyors like Mickey D’s to local donut shops and chains. Hey, everybody needs a little junk food now and again. That said, it does rely on Uber’s platform, which can be annoyingly imprecise, so make sure your address is clear, and Uber’s notoriously bad customer service can come into play here, as well.

For The Widest Variety: Eat24

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Granted, you may have good reason not to be a fan of Yelp, but what their review site lacks in grace and tact, their delivery app makes up for with sheer scale of options. Eat24 tends to be the most active of the delivery services when it comes to recruiting smaller restaurants, and that makes it the service you’re most likely to find something obscure on, or a new type of food you haven’t tried.

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