Watch These Artists Create A Stunning 3D Sculpture In Minutes

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Max Nova and Austion Woolfolk are pushing the limits of possibility by blending art with state-of-the-art technology. From walls that create real-time LED light “shadows” of people’s movements to an interactive 3D image projecting on a pool at Art Basel Miami filled with 250,000 ping-pong balls, their whimsical installations make gallery and festivalgoers feel like they’re stepping into a new world. And in a way, they are. The duo’s art is an example of the thrilling new world of technological possibility that we find ourselves in, and the limits of that world should always be stretched.

The innovators, representing their Brooklyn-based studio, Optical Animal, recently spoke at CRE8, an event sponsored by Intel and Uproxx. Check out the above video to watch their demonstration of the projection mapping process. During their talk, they explain how they create a virtual 3D sculpture in real time — with help from the audience. Going beyond 3 layers of live data feeds would stall most computers, and before the latest tech from Intel came along, that was a constant concern for Nova and Woolfolk. They often have to make fast changes, but dropping frames in the middle of a show because of tech limitations can be disastrous.

Now, Optical Animal can roll with the punches in a way that they would never have imagined possible. When a client wants a last minute change to an installation, they can handle it without stressing. Flexibility, efficiency, and a lot more freedom to create. That’s what Intel® Optane™ memory is doing for Optical Animal.

Watch the captivating transformation from a computer program to a giant 3D sculpture above.



The technology featured in this video is CyberPower Custom Desktop with 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7+ and Intel® Optane™ memory.

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