Some Lovely Folks Have Crushed An iPhone 7 With A Hydraulic Press So You Don’t Have To

Whenever Apple releases a new iPhone, the initial excitement tends to turn into muffled frustration. Change can be tough to deal with, even minor changes. Granted, the changes on the iPhone 7 are a bit difficult to wrap your head around; who wants to use wireless earbuds? Why can’t we use our old, trusty headphones anymore? Why are there porn GIFs hidden in iOS 10? That kind of stuff.

Those frustrations have been put into YouTube form, though, and joins the latest video of things being crushed by a hydraulic press. We’ve already seen what the might of a hydraulic press can do to a bowling ball, then saw what it can do to exploding things. The ultimate, though, is to see what it does to a brand new iPhone 7.

Perhaps what’s most interesting about the video is that the phone ends up smoking near the end. Most likely that had to do with the battery, proving that it’s not just Galaxy Note 7‘s that get kinda wonky due to their batteries. Granted, most of us don’t have a hydraulic lift at our disposal and aren’t going to be taking our new, treasured iPhone and crushing it for the enjoyment of people on YouTube. Plus, how are you going to watch videos if your phone is crushed?

(Via Gizmodo)