Netflix’s New Button Lets You Skip The Opening Credits


When binge-watching, credits mostly serve as an obstacle, and even the best ones can wear out their welcome after you’ve seen them a dozen times. You’ve just hit the cliffhanger, you’re trying to see what happens next, and instead you’ve got 60 seconds of theme and abstract images. So Netflix, for some shows, is letting you dump the credits and get to the action.

So far, the Skip Credits button appears to only be available when watching Netflix through a web browser where, if you hover your cursor over the buttons Netflix places in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, it appears above them.

So if, for some reason, you’re desperate to see what the Meachums are doing to try and take over the world on Iron Fist, you can skip right to that. (Although some shows, maybe you’ll want to leave them up just for the theme.)

Really, Netflix should be working on skip buttons of all kinds. Imagine a “skip subplot” button, or a “skip character” button. F***in’ Larry? Gone. The seemingly endless discussion of who owns Danny Rand’s company? Poof. Netflix could even use the data to prove, say, throwing in a cheesy sax-scored sex scene so the dudes in the room will watch a “chick show” is dumb. And then, truly, a golden age of television writing would be upon us.

(via The Verge)