A Guide To The Internet’s Love Of Hating Larry Bloom From ‘Orange Is The New Black’

Fans of the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black probably don’t need to be told that Larry Bloom is pretty unpopular. Played by the arguably equally unpopular Jason Biggs, Larry initially has a pretty good excuse for behaving like a total douchebag – his fiancée has been sent to prison for the role she played in smuggling some drug money a decade ago, all at the behest of her lesbian lover, Alex. Without getting too in-depth with the plot for the sake of people who are only now catching on to the beloved series (based on the prison memoirs of Piper Kerman), Larry’s evolution as a man coping with the absence and unraveling sexual history of the woman that he loves has helped turn him into one of the most hated characters ever written.

In fact, the existence of Larry Bloom and the spectacular loathing that he has inspired has led to an interesting and quirky little hobby for the show’s fans, as they like to go on the Orange is the New Black Wiki site and edit the character bio. For example, a visit to his bio today reveals this colorfully written description of not Larry Bloom, but “fuckin larry.”

Additionally, Larry’s character bio sidebar is equally mean-spirited.

This isn’t a new thing, as people have been editing and “updating” Larry’s bio since the show began and he was slowly revealed to be a festering wart on the b-hole of Satan’s pet walrus. Sorry, I’m no fan of Larry either. So why then, someone who hasn’t watched the show may ask, is he so hated? What on Earth has he done to deserve this scorn and vile outrage, other than the fact that he’s played by Biggs?

Here’s a brief example:

Only a truly terrible human being would go against his loving girlfriend’s wishes and watch their show without her. But turning the frame over? That’s just cold-blooded.

Even worse, as we dive further into the rabbit hole (again, I’m not responsible for spoiler alerts if you’re way behind, because you should know better by now) Larry doesn’t exactly have the best… timing.