The Latest iPhone 8 Leak Hints At A Major Feature Users Have Been Begging For

06.14.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

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The iPhone 8 has a lot of hype and rumor around it, even for an Apple product. But one feature in particular has been the subject of whispers and hopes. And we’ve just got some word that wireless charging for the iPhone 8 really might happen, and from a guy actually building iPhones, no less.

Nikkei reports that the CEO of iPhone assembly company Wistron, Robert Hwang, confirmed the rumors. And not in some coy, winking way, either, although clearly he wasn’t meant to talk about it:

“Assembly process for the previous generations of [iPhones] have not changed much, though new features like waterproof and wireless charging now require some different testing, and waterproof function will alter the assembly process a bit,” Hwang told reporters after the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting on Wednesday.

That was pretty clearly a slip, but the rumors have been going around for a while. Back in February, an analyst with a good track record of guessing Apple’s moves said wireless charging was in the works. And other leaks, albeit less credible ones, have slipped indicating that if Apple isn’t putting wireless charging in the iPhone 8, it’s at least studying it as a feature.

Of course, wireless charging would appeal in another way. It would be a next step in getting rid of ports altogether and making the iPhone an even skinnier slab of glass. So, one way or another, wireless charging seems to be the iPhone’s future.

(Via The Verge)

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