The iPhone 8 Might Feature A Curved Screen And Face-Scanning Technology


The iPhone 8 is as inevitable in the fall as the leaves turning and people griping about Pumpkin Spice Lattes on Facebook. The only question we have is just what the iPhone 8 will look like and what’s under the hood, prompting videos like the above. We’ve already seen some wild rumors, and now there are even more to pick apart. So here they are, courtesy of Thrillist, ranked from the most likely to, well, hope springs eternal.

The iPhone 8 Will Have A Curved Screen

The Rumor: We already know that Apple will be trying to make the iPhone 8 look more like a pane of glass than a supercomputer you keep in your pants, and apparently that will extend to the screen wrapping around the sides of the phone, much like Samsung’s current Galaxy Edge phones, possibly on all sides.

Credible? Even if Apple doesn’t debut this with the iPhone 8, a curved screen will likely turn up sometime before the curtain falls on 2017. Apple is buying screens for this exact purpose as we speak. We’d say this rumor is as close to a lock as it gets with Apple.

Check out how cool it could look:

There Will Be More Than One Phone


The Rumor: Supposedly, the iPhone 8 will have three models to choose from: the fancy version with all the bells and whistles, and two more conventional models, to ease people into the idea of owning a future phone made of glass and powered seemingly by data fairies.

Credible? It’d make sense. Apple likes having a suite of iPhones available anyway, and presumably the iPhone they’re packing with all this premium, experiment technology is going to cost a bit more than the already-high price of the iPhone. The company has a huge audience to cater to, after all, and not everybody is going to want the all-glass phone.

Wireless Charging Will Happen Even Across The Room


The Rumor: This one has been going around for a while, but recent reports have gotten wilder. Apparently Apple is looking not just into letting you rest your phone on a little mat to recharge, but to actively recharge your phone just when you have it in the room, near your charger.

Credible? Wireless charging? Yes. Long-distance wireless charging? It’s real, but it’s not as advanced as the rumors are making it sound. Back in 2014, when MIT revealed its tech, your phone could be a whole eleven inches away from your charger. That said, Apple might still be interested, and a year is an eternity in technology. Keep an eye out at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show: If it’s all over CES, it’s likely to turn up in Apple’s products.

Touch ID Will Also Scan Eyes And Faces


The Rumor: A leak from a Chinese manufacturer shows that Apple is considering bolstering its current biometric pass system, Touch ID, with iris-scanning and face-recognition technology. Yes, soon, selfies might be the key to getting your phone to open, because that won’t be obnoxious!

Credible? The selfie as password is already in the works, independently from Apple, and Apple does have a horse in the biometric race, as it’s hoping you’ll eventually start using Apple Pay to buy things. That said, facial recognition technology has a race problem Apple is probably not eager to tie to their phones, and the technology hasn’t spread as fast, or improved as quickly, as advocates were hoping. It’s possible, but we might see this further down the road, instead of in the iPhone 8.

Of course, all this might change. Apple is testing ten prototypes, some claim, and some might pull ahead of the pack. But, for now, one thing’s for sure: Apple has a heck of a phone waiting for the iPhone’s tenth anniversary.

(Via Thrillist)