This New App Will Make Your Chatty Co-Workers Vanish

Everybody has a Lumbergh in their work life, a person who shows up at the worst possible moment to drag you into something you don’t want to do. If that describes you, there’s finally a way to torpedo them — at least if you’ve got a shred of acting talent.

Breather, a workspace rental company, is promoting their services with the Nope Button, a browser extension that, once you click it, rings your phone number. You pick up the phone, and start chatting. We recommend keeping it simple: Bored “uh-huhs”, mildly enthusiastic “sures” and maybe the occasional “Can you expand on that?”. The audio file you hear goes for sixty seconds; anything beyond that is going to require a bit more acting or simply hoping the object of your annoyance won’t be there when you turn around.

The pitch, of course, is that if you use Breather, you can have a workspace away from said annoying coworkers, although we also recommend working from home, since not only does that isolate you from coworkers, it also means you can scream obscenities at your computer without any lectures about “hostile work environments” or “the discomfort of your coworkers.” But until corporate America realizes you can get things done anywhere there’s a laptop and a smartphone, the Nope Button will have to do.

(Via NBC News)