Not Even Recording Your Phone Calls Can Save You From Comcast’s Horrifying Customer Service

Well it would seem that Comcast was a little upset about falling short of being the most hated company in America, at least that’s what I like to think led to this phone situation. The poor gent on the other end of the line came prepared to try and win his claim against the company and their terrible customer service, he just didn’t expect that they’d change the rules on him.

It would seem that recording your calls and presenting them back as proof you were offered certain deals and services from Comcast is no longer viable. I’m shocked he only spent 11 minutes on the phone to get where he ended up, but I can understand because he was clearly pretty upset.

Just think, this is the company that may soon merge with Time Warner. Their new customer service line might be nothing but fart noise soundboards run by chimps and their new logo will just be a middle finger. This still isn’t as bad as getting a person fired.

(Via Sweetlethargy / Gawker)