Samsung’s Notorious Note 7 Is Coming Back

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If you’ve forgotten, the Galaxy Note 7 had a disturbing tendency to explode into flames. While all batteries have problems, the Galaxy Note 7 had such a consistent one that Samsung was ultimately forced to stop making the phone. So that it’s coming back, especially at the company’s most embattled moment in recent memory, is odd to say the least.

Considering the company’s top echelons have been embroiled in South Korea’s rapidly unfolding impeachment scandal, you’d think they wouldn’t want to dredge up memories of the disastrous Note 7 recall. And yet, surprisingly, that’s exactly what they’re doing, by putting the Note 7 back on the shelves as a “refurbished” phone.

From The Verge:

The announcement appears to walk back on what Samsung initially pledged last fall, when it said it would dispose of the Note 7 and had no plans to repair or refurbish them. Instead, Samsung has confirmed it will work with local authorities and carriers to sell it as a refurbished device, rumored to come with a smaller battery to prevent it from overheating and catching fire. The company said available markets are to be determined as they work with local regulators to approve of the sale.

This appears to be part and parcel of an overall recycling plan that involves removing and reusing phone components and extracting and recycling metal from the phones. The Note’s triumphant return seems less than likely in some countries, especially the US, considering it remains unclear exactly why the phone began exploding in the first place. But if you’re a collector of technology history, or simply want to see if the phone can make it without catching on fire, you’ll soon have your chance.

UPDATE: The Galaxy Note 7 won’t be sold in the US, so if you’re curious, you’ll have to import it.

(Via The Verge)

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