Robert Downey Jr. Wants To Voice Mark Zuckerberg’s AI, Provided Zuckerberg Meets An Unusual Request

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Mark Zuckerberg’s pet project, aside from curing all disease ever, has been constructing an AI that will run his house. (Hey, the rich aren’t like you and me.) He’s currently casting for a voice, and Robert Downey Jr. stepped up to meet the challenge, provided Zuckerberg follows a somewhat convoluted request.

As you might expect, Downey is willing to do it for a charitable contribution. The twist? Paul Bettany, aka The Vision, gets the money, and donates it to a charity of Benedict Cumberbatch’s, aka Doctor Strange’s, choosing.


Well, that’s not the oddest celebrity request we’ve ever heard, and at least he shares the PR bounty with his fellow Marvel cast members. But really, shouldn’t Bettany be volunteering? He is the voice of Jarvis, after all. Sure, he’s made the jump to being physically present in the movies, but one would assume he hasn’t lost Jarvis privileges just because Ultron built him a body. And what about licensing out the voice? If people could have Robert Downey Jr. snarkily explain why he turned down the thermostat when they walk in the door, that would probably singlehandedly raise millions of charity and make every home a smart home in one stroke.

(via The Verge)

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