What Science Is Doing To Bring Us The Future We Were Promised

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Uproxx knows that science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines are driving the future of this planet forward. Every day, we see new ideas, fresh innovations, and bold trailblazers in these fields. Follow us this month as we highlight how STEM is shaping the culture of NOW.

We were promised jet packs. We were promised hoverboards, and teleporters, and flying cars. We were promised self-lacing shoes, robotic servants, and smart houses. And tickets to space. We were promised a cozy new home on Mars. And yet, here we are in 2017, still tethered to the earth and not getting any younger. Even Lance Bass, the man who was supposed to bring celebrity into orbit, hasn’t left the stratosphere.

So what do we have? Beer made out of pee. That’s it. Okay, we also have heart tissue made out of spinach and biobags that could soon allow for babies to grow outside the womb. And we have the Apple Watch, which is useless for most things but can now tell if you’re suffering from heart disease. So maybe the future isn’t all bad, but it’s certainly not as exciting as the movies told us it would be. And just in case any scientists are out here reading pop culture websites to get an idea of what they should work on next, we’ve put together this list of things we were promised (at least by the TV) and where they are in development. Cross your fingers for teleporters.

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