Sean Spicer Left His Venmo Account Public, And The Internet Promptly Pounced

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stock_photo_world / Shutterstock, Inc.

Does the Trump administration understand computer security at all? This is not a rhetorical question. Trump uses an unsecured Android phone, an intelligence agency’s security nightmare, because he can’t let go of his Twitter feed. Multiple administration Twitter feeds didn’t even bother with two-factor identification, making the private emails tied to them simple to discover. And now we learn Sean Spicer, press secretary, public figure, and password Tweeter left his Venmo account public.

Venmo, if you’re unfamiliar, is an app that allows you to request payment from, or send payment to, anybody you’ve added as a friend. It’s generally used to split checks, cover small sums, and other costs. If an account is public, that means anyone can do this, so guess what happened to Spicer?

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