Obama Explains His Terrible ‘Smartphone’ To Jimmy Fallon

Becoming the president of the United States is a job that requires profound sacrifice. Every decision you make, no matter how private, is very public and immediately subjected to the most granular analysis possible. You’re protected by people who can’t stop toddlers from breaking into the White House. Even how much vacation time you spend is politicized. And if that weren’t enough, you can’t even get a smartphone that actually does anything.

As part of his long interview with Jimmy Fallon, Obama had a story about finally ditching the Blackberry he became famous for back in 2008. He traded up to a smartphone, but he can’t stream music, it can’t take pictures, and in fact, he can’t even text. He compares it to a playphone they give to kids so they can pretend to be a big deal. Although considering the trouble those last two features can get politicians in, maybe that’s not so bad. Even just a meme about texting can get you in trouble if you’re running for office.

So, if you’re ever looking at your cracked iPhone screen, or if you ever find yourself waiting for texts to send, just remember this: No matter how bad your phone is, the president of the United States has one that’s a whole lot worse.

(Via YouTube)