Twitter Has Made It Harder For Randos To Slide Into Your DMs

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Twitter is arguably a burning dumpster flung into a cesspool even at the best of times. And part of that, especially if you are a remotely attractive person, is the site’s notorious DMs, which apparently exist solely to let people be absolutely awful to total strangers before hitting on them. Twitter, though, appears to have finally realized this is a problem.

Twitter, as first noticed by Android Headlines, is now filing DMs sent from people you don’t know into a separate inbox, much like Facebook sorts private messages. So people can still try to slide into your DMs, but they’ll slam into a wall. Sadly, you can’t just outright block unwanted messages without blocking the user completely.

It’s a small change, but it’s hopefully one that indicates that Twitter is finally, finally listening to repeated complaints about abuse. Twitter, too often, is a harassment tool for anybody who has an axe to grind, be it over politics, superhero movies, or God knows what else. By limiting how DMs can be used this way, they’re helping to limit the abuse. Now, if they could invent a meme timer so all those late covfefe jokes could be kept off our feeds, a social utopia might dawn.

(Via Android Headlines)

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