Porn Star Mia Khalifa Taught An NFL Player A Valuable Lesson About Twitter DMs

You remember Mia Khalifa, right? Florida State superfan, adult-film actress, Twitter superstar, yada, yada, yada. Khalifa has been quiet these last few months after setting the internet on fire, becoming PornHub’s most searched actress.

Anyway, Khalifa is still doing her thing, trolling people on Twitter and outing people who “slide into her DMs.” Her latest victim was Duke Williams, a safety for the Buffalo Bills.

If you recall, Mia also outed Drake for allegedly trying to do the same thing, going so far as sending her naked pics through Instagram.

This particular exchange with Williams seems pretty innocent… four Twitter DMs in four months is pretty tame by most social-media standards. So, this was kinda mean and unnecessary. As always, the moral of the story here is pretty simple: Don’t send DMs to porn stars, particularly ones as ornery as Mia Khalifa.

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