Twitter Throws Vine Users A Lifeline By Keeping A Key Aspect Of The Service Running

Shutterstock / Vine

Many were shocked when Twitter announced they were shutting down their popular Vine app. The influence of Vine was evident across the sports and music world, but it also allowed a new creative outlet for people to explore — something that was at the heart of the criticism against the decision to shutter the service. Some groups stepped in to attempt to save the platform, including PornHub of all places, but Twitter itself seems to be tossing the app and its users a slight lifeline:

Here’s what’s coming: in January, we’re transitioning the Vine app to a pared-down Vine Camera. With this camera app you’ll still be able to make six-second looping videos, and either post them directly to Twitter or save them to your phone. In the coming days we’re also rolling out a way to make it easy for your Vine followers to follow you on Twitter — stay tuned for a “Follow on Twitter” notification soon. And last but not least, you can now download your Vines through the app or the website. All of your Vines will continue to live on the website so you can browse all of the amazing videos you created over the years.

While the social nature of Vine will be gone, this will allow Twitter integration to flourish and keep creators from scrambling to recreate that Vine-feel on a different platform. If anything, it’s better than just saying goodbye and scrambling to get a bunch of content downloaded before the new year.

(Via Vine / Mashable)