Which Streaming Services Are Actually Worth Your Money?

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08.10.17 10 Comments


Now that Disney has declared war on Netflix, it’s likely other media companies will be following suit. And that leaves TV fans with a question: Which streaming services are worth their money? Here’s a look at what’s out there currently, and whether a subscription is worth the cash, based on current content, future growth, and chances of survival.

Netflix, $10/month

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The defining streaming service, Netflix has two core strengths for TV watchers: The original series it puts out, across a staggering number of genres and tastes, and the content acquisition increasingly aimed at stuff you’ve never seen but might become your new obsession. Netflix’s ability to find and acquire foreign shows and create its own originals mean it has a giant hoard of content. That said, as Hollywood decides they want to fight Netflix, not work with it, and as Netflix buys shows on its own, the “name brand” movies and TV shows are likely to decrease over time.

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