Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

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On July 11th, Prime Day arrives, and with it, a lot of people will get a free trial, or will consider signing up. To be fair, it is $100 a year, after the free trial expires, and that’s not cheap for most of us. But you get a lot for your money. In fact, you get a lot more than you might think. Let’s break down the benefit, and whether they’re all worth it.

Amazon Households

The most important note is that if Amazon lets you split a Prime membership between two accounts, as long as both members are adults and both agree to pay half the bill for Prime. So, if both you and your roommate, or spouse, or sibling, want the deals, you can share. That also reduces the financial load.

Free Shipping

The most basic benefit is, of course, free shipping. Amazon offers two-day shipping, “no rush” shipping, standard shipping, and even day-of-release shipping for Prime members, as well as a few other shipping options at a discount. No Rush is a particular stand-out because if you choose it, you get either a discount on the item or a promotional bonus applied to your account. On a practical level, look at your Amazon history, see what you order , and how fast you need it. If you’re buying one or two items a month, you’ll probably come out even.

Prime Streaming

The other most widely known benefit is, of course, Amazon’s streaming service. Prime’s got some very good original series, such as Transparent, it’s home to some great series like Eastbound And Down and Justified, and it’s got a pretty great movie selection too. If you’re considering cutting the cord or paring down your cable subscription, the Prime Video will fill in a lot of gaps for your viewing.

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