A WiFi Hotspot Named ‘Galaxy Note 7’ Nearly Grounded Several Holiday Flights

Everybody gets cute with their WiFi name at some point. We’ve all seen the Overlook Hotels, and Porn Machines, and the Facebook Privacy Invaders. But there are places where you should not do this. Like, say, a flight during the holiday weekend, or a name like ‘Galaxy Note 7’.

In case you missed all the jokes about great balls of fire, the Galaxy Note 7 is a smartphone that was recalled this year by its manufacturer, Samsung, for its tendency to catch on fire and explode. Among other things, the FAA banned the Note 7 from being on an airplane. And as some joker learned the hard way, airlines take the threat of explosions very seriously.

And it caused some problems on the ground, as well:

While it appears this was just some prankster who didn’t realize what he was stepping in, it is worth noting that your phone can change the name of your WiFi hotspot without bothering to clear it with you, depending on your permissions and the hotspot you use. So if you’ve got one, take a moment and check its name to ensure that you won’t be the one getting your plane diverted on Christmas.

Especially as it’s probably legal to give you a light beating at the gate for that one.

(via The Verge)