Aaron Paul Details The Lowest Point In His Career Before ‘Breaking Bad’

Aaron Paul is still riding pretty high following the success of Breaking Bad. Gone are the days of Juicy Fruit ads and Price Is Right appearances, replaced by film roles and The Path on Hulu. But in those early, pre-Breaking Bad days, things were rough. In fact, as Paul tells Stephen Colbert on Friday’s Late Show, things were likely their darkest right before he got his role on the groundbreaking AMC series.

And what is more dark than having to ask your family for financial help? Being in debt to anybody is pretty dark, but it’s worse when you’re asking family for assistance after trying to set out on your own and follow your dreams. If it doesn’t pay off, it’s yet another reason for them to ridicule you as you head off to work at the local Exxon station. Luckily Paul landed his Breaking Bad role, paid his family back, and now lives the life of a Hollywood superstar. He can afford to rent out his house on AirBNB for fun and doesn’t have to eat Dollar Tree $1 steak anymore.

He’s also so well off, he can sit with Stephen Colbert to give the community events for one of the many small towns in his home state of Idaho. McCall, Idaho seems like a nice place to go if you don’t want to obey the rules of shop parking lots, want to join an optimist club, and enjoy free meals with smelly old people. Just don’t go if you looking for BINGO on Mondays. It’s not going to happen.

(Via Late Show)