Stephen Colbert Has A Liberating Message About Peeing In The Shower

Step into the light, employers of the mid-shower tinkle. You don’t have to feel ashamed anymore.

On Friday’s edition of the Late Show, host Stephen Colbert shared the exciting news that it’s now considered environmentally conscious to pee in the shower. The logic is that this social faux pas is actually a tremendous way to conserve water while relieving yourself of yours. Science in action.

“Okay, maybe peeing in the shower isn’t the biggest story,” offered Colbert. “But you have to admit it’s the number one story.”

The audience warmly (eww, poor choice of words) embraced the news and the CBS talk show host was able was able to turn this exciting development into another victory. In this case, a very personal victory over the pee marshals at Equinox Fitness Clubs.

“Well, well, well. Who’s the monster now?” gloated Colbert with a proud smile on his face. “It looks like somebody owes somebody an apology. I’m sorry you caught me saving the planet for our grandchildren.”

We have this hilarious clip available for your viewing pleasure above. If you came here looking for “watersports” we’re sorry for the misunderstanding, but are confident you can find a site or two that caters to your fetish.