‘The Walking Dead’ Pokes Fun At Itself Over The Fake Death Of A Character

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01.22.16 3 Comments



In third episode of the current sixth season’s The Walking Dead, the series created quite a mess for itself when it set up what looked like the clear death of one of its most popular characters, Glenn Rhee. Eventually, the series gave fans exactly what they wanted — to keep Glenn alive — but it cost the series some trust with its viewers.

Robert Kirkman says that he knew the twist would upset fans, but that he nevertheless thought it was “an experiment that worked.”

Whether it was successful or not is up for debate, but it’s good to see that the official The Walking Dead Twitter account is willing to concede — at least a little — that they were trolling viewers. At the very least, whoever is running the account has a good sense of humor and is smart enough to capitalize on Making a Murderer, the most popular television show around in between half seasons of The Walking Dead.

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