20 Photos of the New 52’s Second Wave

As we all know, some of the New 52 are being shown the door after eight issues and being replaced next month with a bunch of new books:

  • “Earth 2”, which gives James Robinson the Justice Society to play with again.
  • “Batman Incorporated”, and has Grant Morrison ever been missed.
  • “World’s Finest”, written by Paul Levitz, who ran DC for almost three decades.
  • “Dial H”, written by China Mieville, basically DC’s version of “Captain Universe”.
  • “G.I. Combat”, bringing back the Unknown Solider, The Haunted Tank, and The Land That Time Forgot
  • And “The Ravagers”, a superhero book with Terra in it, so that’ll be…interesting.

We pulled together some art from these books on the next slides. And, if nothing else, they’ll look pretty. Out of all of them, though, we think “Dial H” might have the best shot at being good, if for no other reason than, damn, Boy Chimney is grotesque.

More pictures available at Buzzfeed.