Adam Scott’s Inability To Make A Pizza Extends A ‘Parks And Rec’ Running Joke Into Calzone-Filled Reality

Parks and Recreation is so beloved that no matter how big the stars get, part of them will always be stuck in Pawnee, Indiana. Chris Pratt may be a megastar fighting dinosaurs and blasting through space, but he’ll always be the goofy Andy Dwyer. And Adam Scott, despite being in a billion different projects at any given time, will always bear the shame of Ben Wyatt’s ultimate failure, Ice Town. He’ll also continue to bask in the love that is a finely made calzone.

In one of those weird cases of life imitating art, Adam Scott’s recent Italian pizza-making class became an impromptu lesson in how to save a ruined pie: simply turn it into a calzone! Here are the pictures that commemorate the moment. Scott looks like a proud father who watches as his newborn gets molded into proper form.

Have you ever seen a man so happy that his pizza was turned into a pocket of deliciousness? Scott’s joy is as pure as the fillings of the crusty meal folded before him. The only person who could possibly be happier than Scott in that moment is Ben Wyatt, who would be proud, but also anxious to clean the kitchen.

(Via AV Club)