Ben Wyatt Quotes For When You Need To Admit You’re The Biggest Nerd In The Room

04.27.17 2 years ago

In some ways, Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) was a revolutionary character for the nerd community. While most fans of Star Trek and Game of Thrones are portrayed as the garden variety loser a la The Big Bang Theory, the creators of Parks and Recreation decided to go a slightly different route. Yes, Ben had his moments of social awkwardness, but he’s great at his job, finds a beautiful partnership with Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), builds meaningful friendships, and finds a great nerd/life balance.

Honestly, Ben Wyatt is an inspiration to nerds everywhere. No longer are the geekily inclined among us relegated to Loserville unless they give up their passions. Embrace your love of science fiction and political role-playing, ya freaks! The next time someone gives you a hard time about your dream of creating the next great table top game, channel your inner Tall Tyrion Lannister and embrace your love of all things nerdy by thinking to these Ben Wyatt moments.

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