Alex Jones Is Already Cooking Up Conspiracy Theories For The Unlikely Scenario That Trump Could Win Again

After briefly flirting with reason by saying Donald Trump made a huge mistake in urging people to protest his arrest, should it ever happen, Alex Jones has reverted back to his old ways with a new conspiracy theory on what could happen to Trump in the days ahead. Granted, conspiracy theories are exactly what landed Jones in hot water with the Sandy Hook families, who successfully sued the InfoWars host over his repeated claims that the school were a false flag operation, but why let a billion dollars in damages give you pause? That’s the Alex Jones way.

During a recent episode of InfoWars, Jones began inching his way back to Trump after being “pissed” at the former president for a while. However, Jones can’t help but recognize that Trump does a lot of “good stuff” that angers the “Deep State.”

“Do we just sit here and let them install somebody else or falsely put Trump in prison?” Jones said. “He’s really fighting the deep state and they see him as a threat to their power. They see him as a rival.”

And cue the conspiracy mongering. Via Raw Story:

“If it looks like he’s about to win again, I think they’re gonna shoot him,” continued Jones. “I think they’re gonna blow his airplane up. And he even said that last week. He said, ‘well, I’m gonna go ahead and just walk right in front of everybody in Manhattan in handcuffs. If I get killed, so what? I’ll be a martyr.’ So, he is in that fully committed mode. I want the globalist off our backs, and if Trump’ll do it, great. But gut, gut level, I know that if he’s able to get in, which I think they’ll kill him, I actually think he won’t be able to get in. I’ll be honest with you right now.”

Jones’ sudden dive back into Trump worship is notable. For a while, he was backing Ron DeSantis, who has been a seen as a formidable challenger to Trump in the Republican primary. (Fellow conspiracy theorist Joe Rogan is also backing DeSantis.) As for what won Jones over? Trump’s latest rally in Waco. Seeing the former president denounce the Deep State where the FBI raided David Koresh’s cult reportedly gave Jones “chills.”

(Via Raw Story)