Alex Jones Is Apparently Fed Up With The QAnon Weirdos, Too

Outlandish conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is not a fan of the outlandish conspiracy theory known as QAnon. The man, who’s currently being sued by the Sandy Hook families for essentially saying their children’s mass shooting death never happened because the kids didn’t exist, apparently draws the line at the notion that Donald Trump is fighting a secret shadow war against pedophiles. Jones flew off the handle during a recent episode of his InfoWars podcast after receiving a call from a QAnon follower.

“Q is such a horrible thing that I hate even talking about it,” Jones ranted. “It was all a delusion, so the Democrats could steal the election.”

Via Raw Story:

“Do you understand that we lost the country because of Q?” Jones shouted. “And I have to put up with the Q people all over the place! And I’m tired of it!”

“So, I’m not mad at you, but you hit a button!” he exclaimed. “And the damn Q people were the ones that manipulated some people to go into the damn Capitol and work with the feds. Q is the worst people on Earth! Q is the new world order! Q is a psyop to lead us around by our noses!”

Jones’ claim that Q “manipulated some people” to “work with the feds” is an interesting statement considering the InfoWars host is reportedly looking to work with the January 6 commission and, theoretically, could rat out Trump. The same Trump who Jones later credited in his rant with creating the QAnon movement before it was taken over by the CIA. Remember, you always gotta work the CIA in there, or else why even put on your tinfoil hat?

(Via Raw Story)