Alex Jones Might Turn Stool Pigeon On Trump And Cooperate With The Jan. 6 Committee

Things aren’t so hot for Alex Jones right now. Over the weekend, three of the Infowars honcho’s businesses filed for bankruptcy. Why? In an attempt to stave off a potential looming financial apocalypse brought on by six families of victims in the Sandy Hook school massacre. But the solution to some, if not all, of his problems is ratting out one of his favorite presidents.

As per The New York Times, arguably the nation’s loudest conspiracy theorist is in talks to sit down with the Jan. 6 committee. Jones was a key player in the “Stop the Steal” movement, and late last year he swore he would plead the Fifth after being subpoenaed by the House select committee investigating the lead-up and events of that fateful day.

But now, amidst legal and financial headaches, Jones has issued a formal letter expressing “his desire to speak to federal prosecutors about Jan. 6.” Though he’s sworn that he didn’t engage in any “criminal wrongdoing,” despite helping lead an army of violent Trump supporters to the nation’s Capitol building, he is reportedly requesting as part of his testimony immunity from prosecution. That might be difficult to acquire, especially since the committee, with its new, more aggressive prosecutor, Thomas Windom, appears to be gaining more momentum.

NYT speculates that, even if he does wind up speaking with the Jan. 6 committee, Jones may not provide much useful information, and could continue to lean on the Fifth Amendment. Then again, given his personal woes — and his occasional animosity towards Trump — he could sing like a canary. He has close ties to a number of Trump cronies. Moreover, the committee recently obtained texts he had exchanged with one of the leading figures of the pro-Trump rallies after he lost re-election in late 2020.

If this pans out, Piers Morgan wouldn’t be the only sometime ally Trump has recently lost.

(Via NYT)