Alex Jones Is Now Practically Begging His Fans To Buy More Of His Shady InfoWars Merch In The Wake Of Filing Bankruptcy

Alex Jones is now hosting his own going out of business sale and he sounds pretty desperate for fans to hand over their hard-earned cash.

Jones, who recently lost two defamation suits related to conspiracy theories he’s been peddling about the Sandy Hook School shooting, filed for bankruptcy earlier this week. While many people believe it’s simply the Infowars host’s way of getting out of paying millions of dollars in damages to the families of victims involved in the suit, Jones is trying to convince his followers that the situation is much more dire.

“You want us to be able to stay on-air and be able to move forward in the future. I need you now to not wait and to go,” Jones told listeners (via Business Insider), calling out fans who have yet to make a donation or buy the many supplements, gear, and apparel he hocks on the site. This isn’t the first time Jones has begged fans to help him keep the lights on, but considering his bankruptcy filing means he’ll likely have to create new companies/channels to avoid paying what he owes to the victims’ families, he probably is sweating the fact that he needs to cash out and quick.

“This is do or die time if you want to keep us on the air,” Jones continues. “They are trying to silence you. They are trying to take down the leading voice of resistance.”

And just in case you were wondering what Jones was trying to offload on his audience, some of the items marked down on the site include water filtration systems that remove government-sponsored chemicals that turn frogs gay, a patriotic blend of coffee beans called “Wake Up America,” super male vitality pills and a t-shirt that reads, “Alex Jones Did Nothing Wrong.”

(Via Business Insider)