A Former White House Advisor Is Warning Other Women, Especially ‘Very Young’ Women, From Working With Donald Trump

Alyssa Farah Griffin knows what it’s like to work for Donald Trump. The View host served as special assistant and adviser to Trump when he was president, and it’s not something she would recommend — especially for women.

“The man’s the former commander-in-chief, he’s currently far and away the Republican frontrunner for president, and I think the American public needs to know who Donald Trump is,” Griffin said on the Daily Beast‘s The New Abnormal podcast. “I saw behavior and engagement with very young junior female staffers from the former president that made me uncomfortable.”

The way Trump would act around younger women was an “open secret” in the White House, Griffin claimed. “The way I was brought up, the way that I’ve behaved professionally is it is my duty to report that. So I took it to my direct report, which was the then-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows,” she continued. “He seemed very aware of the issue and said he was going to handle it.” Griffin (who Trump wanted fired from The View) isn’t sure if there any follow up, “but this is a man who does not respect women. It’s a man who objectified women… If I could help protect any woman who might think about working around him, think about being around him, I just wanted to share that.”

You can listen to the podcast below.

(Via the Daily Beast)