Even ‘The View’s New Meghan McCain Replacement Thinks Lindsey Graham’s Abortion Bill Is A Pretty Dumb Idea

Following reports that his Republican colleagues were caught off guard by Lindsey Graham’s nationwide abortion ban, The View‘s new conservative co-host, Alyssa Farah Griffin, joined her GOP counterparts in wondering just what in the heck Graham is up to. Going into the midterm elections, Roe v. Wade being overturned has not done well for Republican candidates. On top of flailing in the polls because of the hot button issue, the loss of abortion access has been a huge motivator for Democratic voters.

Compounding the matter is that most Republicans said that abortion access should be left up to the states, but Graham’s move seemingly suggests that a full-on ban was always in the works. Griffin argued that Graham “threw a total bone to the Democrats.”

Via Mediaite:

It’s bad politics for Republicans. For a long time, my party has argued that states should decide abortion rights. When [Roe v. Wade] was knocked down that was what most of the statements were. This should have always been decided by the states, so Lindsey Graham just went completely rogue by saying this should be federally, we should have a federal restriction on abortion.

Griffin’s reaction to Graham’s abortion ban is surprisingly even-keeled. More importantly, it emphasizes how producers searched long and hard for a replacement for Meghan McCain that didn’t act like, well, Meghan McCain. The former co-host recently bragged to Andy Cohen that it took a year for the show to replace her. In reality, it was that hard to find a conservative who wouldn’t turn the panel into a shouting match with Joy Behar and/or Whoopi Goldberg.

(Via Mediaite)