Andrew Garfield Waved To His Spider-‘Buddies’ And Told A Gripping Story About Hugging A Toilet In A Wild New GQ Interview

Cobra Kai superfan Andrew Garfield is simply “eating a burger, just contemplating existence” in his new GQ interview with Alex Pappademas. You probably would enjoy reading this piece, where Garfield, who was definitely-maybe not the Spider-Man with a fake butt in No Way Home, gives a shoutout to his Spider-“Buddies” with whom he was there to be “as inventive, imaginative, and kind of dumb as possible.”

Garfield, of course, has proven that he’s much more than a Spider-Dude, as he’s shown with acclaimed turns in Under the Banner of Heaven, Tick, Tick… Boom!, and The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Still, he seems to very much ruminate on the great anxieties of life in this interview. He grows emotional over his Dad losing his wife, and he talks about how he was raised to grind away in matters of work and art, and then he reveals a moment where he really connected with life, while he was hugging a toilet. This arises in the context of “ego death,” and it fits:

I didn’t exist. Like, it was the thing that I had been longing for, with my work, which is to reconnect with everything. And it’s like, OK. I get it. Let me back. I wanna go back. But I have to say, the moment after I vomited, and found my cheek against the toilet seat, this cold porcelain [laughs] — when I realised I remembered what that was against my face, I think I started sobbing. Thank God for the ego. Thank God for the delineation of things. Thank God for the world of opposites — this being my face, and that being a toilet seat. There’s plenty of time to get to the everything.

This wasn’t a story involving alcohol or the like. Rather, Garfield was discussing plant medicine and the purging that it caused. It’s similar to moments that we’ve all had but for very different reasons. I’m not sure that anyone else has been grateful to find his face against the toilet seat, but that’s what separates me from Andrew Garfield. The rest of the highly entertaining (and enlightening) GQ piece (along with a striking photoshoot) can be found here.

(Via GQ)