Please Enjoy Footage Of AOC And Jamaal Bowman Telling George Santos To Finally Resign Already

On Wednesday, George Santos narrowly avoided comeuppance: The day after House Democrats announced a resolution to vote on his possible expulsion, House Republicans came to his defense by killing the motion. They may have only delayed the inevitable a little bit, but Santos was surely feeling a bit better about himself — even as had to endure the slings and arrows of his colleages’ heckling.

As per Mediaite, footage shows that, as Santos spoke to reporters after his carcass was spared (for now), he had to contend with a couple hecklers: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jamaal Bowman (who, like him, both representing New York).

“You’ve got to resign, bro!” Bowman said, not loudly but enough that the camera picked up what he said.

Ocasio-Cortez agreed, saying, “You gotta go, man!”

They were in no way deafening, but their words were enough to throw Santos off. “I can’t continue to address you guys because there is a deranged member here,” he told reporters.

Soon thereafter Bowman found himself in a real shouting match with one of Santos’ fellow GOPers. Video caught him squaring off with Marjorie Taylor Greene, the two sparring over guns, over immigration, over Santos, etc. Eventually Ocasio-Cortez intervened, pulling Bowman away while informing him, “She ain’t worth it, bro.”

Anyway, and you thought your workspace was bad.

(Via Mediaite)