George Santos’ Wild Ride As The Most Famous Liar in The House Of Representatives May Be Finally Coming To An End

George Santos has had a pretty fun last six months. The New York lawmaker went from a nobody who quietly scored a seat in the House of Representatives to the most famous and most prolific fabulist since the guy who inspired Baron Munchausen. Alas, the ride may be coming to an end.

As per The New York Times, Democratic representative Robert Garcia announced a resolution to vote on whether or not to expel Santos from the chamber.

“Now is an opportunity to hold him accountable,” the California lawmaker said. “The Republicans in the House are actually going to have to go on record and make a decision about if they’re actually going to stand for truth and accountability, or if they’re going to stand with someone that’s clearly a liar.”

Expelling a representative ain’t easy; it requires a two-thirds supermajority. Even if the gambit doesn’t work, it will nonetheless put Republican representatives in a pickle: Should they vote to retain Santos, their decision will be part of the record. The public will know who supported a guy who claimed his mother died in the September 11 attacks when she didn’t.

So get ready because Santos may finally get the boot. Either way, the public will know who stood by a guy indicted on charges of wire fraud, money laundering, stealing public funds, and lying to the government, and who also lied about being a volleyball star at a college he never attended.

(Via NYT)