Arnold Schwarzenegger Stopped Into A Reddit Fitness Thread To Scold Bickering Redditors

07.11.13 5 years ago 6 Comments

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Former California governor and Jingle All the Way star Arnold Schwarzenegger is no stranger to Reddit, as he hosted one of the more entertaining celebrity Ask Me Anything sessions in recent memory. But imagine everyone’s surprise when Detective John Kimble showed up out of the blue to throw some water on a fiery argument that had broken out in the /r/fitness thread on Reddit earlier today.

After a Redditor posted a link to Layne Norton’s “Best Damn Cardio Humanly Possible in 15 Minutes” post on Schwarzenegger’s website from July 7, other Redditors apparently began arguing about the proper way to do this or that – something fitness buffs love to do, I’m told – and as the group was losing sight of the point for any of them being there in the first place, Schwarzenegger logged in to let them all know they LACK DISCIPLINE ARRRRRRRRRGHARGHARGH. And other such Arnold impressions.

Arnold Reddit Response

Redditor “Levion687” had the best possible response to Arnold’s comment, which wasn’t the Terminator’s only contribution to the thread, as he also shared his own personal favorite style of cardio.

Arnold Reddit Response 2

Now if we could only get Kate Upton and Alison Brie to show up to stop all of the arguing about which of them dances better that’s about to happen in the comments of this post. Right, guys?

Arnold Ukelele

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