A ‘Back To The Future’ Megafan Took His DeLorean To 88 MPH And Got A Ticket For His Trouble

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Marty McFly and Doc Brown have a handle on what happens when a modified DeLorean hits 88 mph. Unfortunately for one Back to the Future superfan, the cops also have a procedure when the extinct auto hits that mark. They’ll give you a ticket. (The upside? They won’t flirt with you in an incestuous way. Possibly an even trade depending on your insurance and driving record.)

Santa Clarita resident Spencer White was driving his DeLorean on the 14 Freeway at 85 mph when his mom made the only request you can think of when that hits.

“My mom, she’s looking at me and she just says, ‘Take it up to 88, let’s do it,” White told Los Angeles station KTLA. “I was at 88 for about two seconds, and, immediately I saw a police officer behind me.”

White, his mom and the police got a kick out the unique vehicle cracking that magic number.

“He’s even got this big grin on his face like he’s won the lottery,” recalls White when describing the officer trying to sort out the silly IRL Back to the Future fantasy living.

In addition to taking a picture of his achievement straight off the radar gun, White received another souvenir. A roughly $400 ticket. According to White, it’s “the dream ticket” so we’ll let you sort out your own experience vs. dollar amount value index on this issue.

(Via KTLA)

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