‘Batman’ #21 Is Rowdy, Rambunctious, And Awesome

If you’re a fan of Batman, you’ve likely been reading Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s champion run on the book. A series that started off strong and just got better, it’s a dark, horror-tinged, psychological look at Batman and what drives him. So, needless to say, their version of Batman’s origin is like… an over-the-top action comedy?

DC sent us an early copy, and we both don’t want to spoil the book for those picking it up tomorrow, and are under a spoiler gag order anyway. But suffice to say, Batman: Zero Year is pretty much the absolute opposite of that in tone.

It’s everything we’ve come to expect from the team, and everything that they promised in our interview with them, they’ve delivered. The most important point is that this isn’t a retread of Batman: Year One; Snyder and Capullo promised something different, and boy, they weren’t kidding.

Snyder is actually having a banner week this week, as his Superman Unchained also launches. Again, we’re under a gag order for spoilers, but suffice to say, what stands out the most about this book is Superman’s warmth and care for other people. Snyder actually writes a Superman you root for because the guy is simply so selfless, so concerned with others, that it’s hard not to root for the guy.

In short, DC’s two biggest properties have two great books starting this week: If you’re looking to start reading comics, or looking to pick these characters up, this is definitely the time to do it.