Batman Day: Finally, A Holiday We Can All Get Behind

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04.29.14 2 Comments

Batman turns 75 this year, and DC wants to celebrate it in style. Namely, by declaring a national holiday, Batman Day. Specifically you get free comics out of the deal.

Essentially, DC is coordinating a massive giveaway across the US on July 23rd. You get a free copy of Detective Comics #27, and a free Bat-Mask and Cape. Be aware that these are sized for children, so you should cover up any distinguishing tattoos or scars before donning a Batman mask and swooping around insisting you are the night. We can’t help you with covering up ditching work early, though, so plan ahead.

The masks, designed by Ryan Sook, are pretty neat in of themselves. DC sent along a preview image, and they riff on four relevant Bat-eras. You’ve got Batman’s first mask, and the sixties-era Adam West:

And then a Frank Miller mask and the modern New 52:

Oh, if you can’t get to the FLCS for some reason, don’t worry: Libraries will have a follow-up event on July 26th. Oh, and of course two Batbooks debut that day: Robin Rises: Omega and Grayson.

In short, your local shop will be full of both children and the grown adults Time Warner hopes they will turn into running around in Batman masks. So basically like any standard Wednesday.

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