Batman Relaunch…Doesn’t Change Much?

So, DC is going through a massive relaunch, and of course this means that NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME EVER AGAIN EVER. Which, as long-time DC readers, we know is code for “We’re throwing out all the crap we did for the last reboot and returning stuff to the status quo.”

Yep, we’re largely back to the way things were in Battown. Bruce Wayne is becoming Bats again, Dick Grayson is back to being Nightwing, except now he has a fancy red stripe on his suit, and so on. Oh, and Barbara Gordon is back to being Batgirl, which we’re sure there will be some controversy over. Oh, and Jason Todd’s going to be leading a new Outsiders, although it’s not actually going to be called “Outsiders”, but it’s got a former Robin, Arsenal and Starfire, so really, it’s “Outsiders”.

On the bright side, everything Grant Morrison wrote is still in play, and Damien Wayne is still Robin. But that’s pretty much the only change they’re keeping.

Basically, DC just unmade most of its decisions from about 1980 on.

[ via the Batfamily at IGN ]