Blockbuster, The Ding, Chuck, Irene And Jimmy: Twitter Reacts To The Fiery ‘Better Call Saul’ Season Finale

06.19.17 8 months ago


Warning: This post will have spoilers From the Better Call Saul season 3 finale. They’re light, but they’re there.

The slow burn that was the third season of Better Call Saul has finally come to an end. It’s been a season in which the tension and foreboding seemed to rise each episode, and now, everything has culminated in a finale that made the agonizing build-up worth it. Yes, we got a cliffhanger again (just like last season), but what else would you expect? This show is full steam ahead moving into the Breaking Bad timeline with each passing episode.

We knew that this was coming. Executive producer Peter Gould told Entertainment Weekly that “so many things that have been cooking — some of them through all three seasons of the show — finally come to a boil,” while adding that the end of this third season was “unlike anything we’ve done on Better Call Saul, and it certainly leads to a helluva lot of questions.”

Beyond the dramatic transformation of Jimmy into Saul, just about everyone enjoyed the trip down memory lane as Kim Wexler visited an old Blockbuster store. That was definitely one of the highlights of the episode (along with Jimmy finally taking a few more steps into becoming Saul).

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