Biden Had A Pretty Great One-Line Response To News That Trump Dined With Holocaust Denying White Supremacist Incel Nick Fuentes

The first year and change of Joe Biden’s presidency were a bit rocky, but over the summer a switch seemed to flip. He and his administration started getting some big stuff done. He started oozing confidence and cool. “Dark Brandon,” a twist on a rightwing Biden insult, was born. That version of the sitting president was on full display on Saturday, especially when he was asked to remark on some very grim news about his flailing predecessor.

Donald Trump is currently under fire for having Thanksgiving dinner not only with Kanye West — who recently torched his career by pivoting into anti-Semitism — but also Nick Fuentes. Who is Nick Fuentes? He’s a 24-year-old MAGA twerp who’s also a Holocaust denier, a white supremacist, a sexist pig, and a self-proclaimed incel who once declared that “dating women is gay.” Trump has claimed he had no idea who he was. Few bought that one.

But what did his successor think? Well, let him speak for himself.

Biden was hounded by reporters on Saturday while he, Dr. FLOTUS, and his son Hunter were shopping in Nantucket. He did his best to blow them off, but when asked what he thought about Trump breaking bread with a noted bigot, he only needed one line: “You don’t want to know what I think.”

Even a certain far right hellsite was furious with Trump’s choice of dinner guests, and not just Fuentes. As caught by The Daily Beast, David M. Friedman, his former ambassador to Israel, tweeted at him on Friday, calling him out for hanging with “an antisemite like Kanye West and human scum like Nick Fuentes,” adding, “you are better than this.” But what if he’s not?

(Via Mediaite)