Bill Burr Mounts An Odd Defense Of Scientology: ‘Where Are The Bodies?’

Bill Burr launched into an odd defense of Scientology during the latest episode of his Monday Morning Podcast. While talking about a recent visit to Sacramento, Burr joked about how there two bail bonds offices and a Scientology center all within a few blocks to each other. “It’s just like, wow, you can get into all kinds of sh*t, all kinds of sh*t out here!” the comedian said before sharing his thoughts on Tom Cruise‘s religion of choice.

According to Burr, the Church of Scientology gets “more sh*t than it deserves” especially when compared to other religions. He also took a veiled crack at Leah Remini, who’s been a vocal critic of Scientology after spending the first 43 years of her life as a member. Via Mediaite:

“No, I think it gets more sh*t than it deserves, you know, for as f*cked up as they say it is, for as cult-y as it is. I got one question. Where are the bodies? Where are they?” Burr asked.

He continued, “I mean, I’m just saying it’s like a sports fan. I need to see the hardware — as a former Catholic. I mean, we got bodies stacked up. We got pedophilia. We got, we got torture. We have crusades. Wow. What do they got? Little mind control, couple of f*cking disgruntled sitcom stars?”

Right out of the gate, yes, Burr is correct that Scientology has nothing on the atrocities committed by the Catholic Church. Scientology was formed in the early 1950s whereas Catholicism has been a predominant world religion going back centuries. No other religion is going to touch that level of power. That said, it doesn’t mean Scientology’s alleged crimes are meaningless.

A couple of examples: the church has been accused of slave labor, intimidating former members who dare to speak out, and allegedly covering up the alleged rapes committed by Danny Masterson. These are accusations that go far beyond “culty.”

As for coming at the subject “like a sports fan,” Bill, bro. You’re talking about a fandom who famously reacted to the Kobe Bryant and Ben Roethlisberger allegations by saying they don’t care what they do off the field. If you want to “see the hardware,” don’t be like your buddy Joe Rogan and fail to do the homework. The case against Scientology isn’t that hard to find.

(Via Mediaite)