Bill Hader And Anna Kendrick’s Secret Romance Is Inspiring ‘Barry’ Crossover Jokes And Other Adorable Reactions

The world recently learned that Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet are splitting up, which was a surprising (and mildly crushing) development, but the antidote might have arrived: Love Life star Anna Kendrick and Barry assassin Bill Hader have been secretly dating for about a year. The former Noelle co-stars were apparently (and this was a fitting prerequisite) “both single at the same time,” according to Us Weekly and are “really into each other and make each other laugh — a lot.”

It’s actually almost shocking to think that these two lovely people haven’t dated until now. They seem pretty perfect for each other, although heck, maybe the competitive comedic timing between them could be exhausting? Nah, they probably know how to turn it off during private time. Regardless, there’s a heck of a lot of people out there who are still waiting for news on Barry‘s return to HBO. The last we heard, Season 4 had been written, even though Season 3 hadn’t started filming yet. Other shows have already roared into production again (Love Life Season 2 filmed and released during the pandemic), so yeah, let’s hear some more updates on Barry. In the meantime, people are cracking jokes about possible crossovers and also commenting on how this dating development is possibly too adorable.

Then there are a few Twitter users who may have had a premonition (?) a few days early. Bill Hader, Pete Davidson, Colin Jost = “What a time to be an SNL man.” Yep.