Jeffrey Dean Morgan Isn’t Here For Candace Cameron Bure’s ‘Traditional Marriage’ Movies: ‘Who The F*ck Is This Person?’

After Candace Cameron Bure kicked off a wave of controversy that even has her longtime Full House co-star Jodie Sweetin shading her, The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan has entered the fray. At issue is a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal where Bure says her new home at Great American Family network, where she also serves as Chief Creative Officer, will only produce Christmas movies that focus on “traditional marriages.” (Read: No gay stuff.)

One Tree Hill star Hilarie Burton was one of the first stars to slam Bure and Great American Family for “openly admitting their bigotry.” Her tweet caught the attention of her husband Morgan, who backed up Burton for calling out Bure’s anti-gay agenda.

“How’d I miss this twit?! Who the f*ck is this person?” Morgan tweeted before giving his wife a shout-out. “Hey Hil? You’re awesome. We lucky to have ya.”

After calling Bure a “twit,” The Walking Dead star swung back around to fire off another supportive tweet for Burton. “‘Make your money honey.’ Lol… cooked kids dinner and was laughing whole time. Wife has words AND timing.”

On Wednesday, Bure issued a very long, and notably very non-apologetic statement to Variety where she addressed the mounting controversy. She did not walk back her “traditional marriage” remarks, but instead, doubled down on her Christian values and called out the media who “fan flames of conflict and hate.” But she’s not mad.

Bure wants it known that she loves all people. You just can’t be gay and in her Christmas movies. God bless!

(Via Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Twitter)