Jeffrey Dean Morgan Has Joined The Upcoming Season Of ‘The Boys,’ And It’s About Time

Every series could use Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a guest star. He stole the show on the final season of The Good Wife, he became a fan favorite on Supernatural, and who could forget how whirlwind romance with Katherine Heigl on season two of Grey’s Anatomy? Now, Morgan has achieved the world’s highest honor: a recurring guest star slot on the upcoming season of The Boys.

Morgan will reunite with Supernatural creator Erik Kripke for the upcoming fourth season of the superhero series The Boys on Amazon Prime, which just began filming this week. His character remains under wraps but rumors of a guest appearance have been swirling for some time now, as Morgan has been an outspoken fan of the show.

Earlier this year, Kripke admitted that Morgan was in talks to join the series for the upcoming season. He told E! News, “[Morgan] is a superfan of the show, so he and I are talking. We’re trying to figure out something for season four. Nothing finalized yet, but he and I are chatting and e-mailing and seeing it we can make it work with his busy schedule. So, stay tuned on that.” Clearly, begging and waiting works!

After spending the last five years on The Walking Dead, Morgan is set to star in the upcoming spinoff Dead City sometime in 2023. This guy is busy!

(Via Deadline)