Does Candace Owens Believe That People Really Want Her On The Supreme Court After Justice Breyer’s Retirement?

Candace Owens has been having an eventful week. Not only did Jesse Watters give her the opportunity to go bananas over Minnie Mouse temporarily ditching her “iconic” dress to wear (the outrage drill keeps going), but her name has popped up in relation to Justice Breyer’s recent announcement of Supreme Court retirement. In the aftermath of this news, President Biden confirmed his intent to nominate a Black woman as a replacement justice, and that’s somehow led to right-wingers tossing out the Daily Wire host’s name on Twitter.

Not that this could actually happen, given that Owens did not graduate college for that journalism degree that she pursued, meaning that she also didn’t go to law school, which is a prerequisite for serving on the highest court in the land. Yet Candace, whether she’s trolling or not, heard about people mentioning her name, in jest or not, and she wants everyone to know that she is flattered to be ending. “What an honor,” she tweeted.

If “America” is people who are far-right and think that Twitter is a way to nominate a justice, then sure, but that’s not how these things roll. There’s probably no way to know for sure if she’s serious, short of her appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show to talk about it (and that could happen), but regardless, people sure are enjoying this tweet. Justice Troll doesn’t have a nice ring to it, but perhaps Owens believes that if a reality star can become president, then anything is possible.