Chris Hemsworth Crashed An Australian Weather Forecast, And A Host’s Reaction Was Pure Thunder

Chris Hemsworth has declared that he won’t be done playing Thor after Thor: Love And Thunder, but before the MCU gets production underway again, he’s (fortunately) down under where wise people are getting cases of you-know-what under control again. He popped up over the weekend on a weather report for Australia’s The Today Show, for which he forecast a mostly-sunny day with (sadly, given the context) no thunder to be found. While meteorologist Lauren Phillips may have been aware that he was on the scene, her colleagues clearly had no idea.

“I’m in the horse capital of Australia, but I was yet to find a horse, so I thought I should open it up to one of the horse studs,” Phillips told hosts Rebecca Maddern and Richard Wilkins before Hemsworth popped into view. Wilkins stayed understated while observing the demi-god before his eyes, but Maddern was clearly stunned, and who could blame her? Nothing can spice up an otherwise uneventful bout of weather like an A-lister.

Via The Today Show
Via The Today Show

According to, the booking happened with almost zero notice, to the point where a group of competitive cheerleaders got sidelined and rescheduled for a later date. One father of two cheer members wasn’t pleased, but one can’t blame Hemsworth for the scheduling mess-up. According to Entertainment Tonight, he had been attempting to spread the word for a conservation cause, and producers ran with that ball. Hopefully, they’ll make good with the cheerleaders soon, too.